Women and hair, it's quite a story! But we can still see that many black women don't always know how to take care of their hair.Behind extensions, scarves or wigs, there is often a lack of knowledge about the nature of natural hair.Taking care of natural hair actually requires regular attention.

It is important to keep them hydrated, but not too much. A good balance must be found between hydration and proteins (which strengthen the hair) in order to give it suppleness and resistance. To achieve this, a great regular hair routine and balanced hair care are essential. So here are our tips for building your hair routine

Take care of natural hair: Importance of a great routine

These daily habits will help distribute the secreted sebum and activate the hair growth

The essential step of hair wash

It's not uncommon for some of us to abdicate and space out the shampoos until we wash our hair only every 3 weeks.

Our hair is subject to pollution and dirt of modern life. It is important to take care of our scalp to remove all the impurities that can clog pores and prevent hair growth. Washing once a week is sufficient to avoid hair dehydration.

A clean and moisturized scalp is essential in a good hair care routine for kinky, curly or coily hair!

It's important to detangle your hair before shampooing,and you can't just run off in the shower with knots all over the place.

To activate blood circulation in the scalp,eliminate dead cells and dust, a brush stroke is essential.

Moisturize your hair beforehand to avoid breakage.Start with the ends of your hair by holding it well in one hand. Smooth them from top to bottom. Gradually, you will brush further up the hair, up to the roots.

How to use shampoo bar?

Take time to properly wet your head before applying Capill'Care(please review L'instinct naturel blog article on the products).

Massage the scalp for 2 or 3 minutes to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients of the shampoo and give them time to work.

Rinse thoroughly. Finish rinsing preferably with cold water so as to tighten the scales of your hair, refresh and tone the scalp. Your hair will be shinier and stronger.

Use of a hair mask

Once our scalp is clean, we need to focus on the lengths and ends. What brings us to another essential point: the fight against breakage is essential to take good care of natural hair, which is often dehydrated and therefore more fragile.

The masks after shampoo are very good to provide in-depth care to strengthen the hair and restore its vitality.

With good hydration, our hair becomes shinier, more resistant and therefore less brittle.

Do not skip this step, especially if you have dry, straightened or simply brittle hair.

The application of a hair mask lasts on average 15 minutes to 1 hour. It is advisable to add a means of heating,i.e. a heating cap, a steamer, or simply wrap your hair in cellophane, and then wear a cap.

This addition of heat willopen the cuticles of your hair and thus help your mask to better penetrate the hair shaft.

Daily care to effectively take care of natural hair

L'huile Capill'Care, idéale pour prendre soin des cheveux crépus

Huile capillaire ayurvédique

Between shampoos, it is also very important to take care of your hair. For this, we advise you to moisturize them regularly with the Ayurvedic oil of Capill'Care. Capill'Care Ayurvedic Oil.

Be aware thatin winter, it is necessary to further your efforts to prevent your hair from drying out too quickly.

Our Growth oil Capill’Care is very nourishing for kinky, coily and curly hair. After several treatments, the hair acquires remarkable tone and suppleness.

Made ofactive ingredients that stimulate growth,our Capill’Hair Growth Oil can be used as a daily treatment or in a prepoo to help strengthen fine hair.



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